About Charity Aumora

Welcome! I am an entrepreneur, a single mom and I feel  like a “Super Mom”! How many of us are out there? If you need a balance between motherhood and your online business, then you are in luck!

I live a balanced life that incorporates healthy habits for the mind, body and the spirit to keep a balanced life and my souls desire while I am here on this planet Earth. I balance my career life with my family life as a single mom and I want to help you do the same!

Our lives have crossed in a major way and I hope we are able to grow in our relationship and learn from each other. I am truly a person that follows after my own heart’s desire.

I always wanted to be an artist weather it was an architect, designer,cartoonist or animator and therefore I went to school to follow that artistic side of myself. But despite my career goals my relationship with my child’s father was disappointing especially when I saw that he wasn’t %100 committed as I was to raise a family together.

When I was left to do it all by myself, life dimmed for me and was very challenging. Every mother wants to raise their children up in a happy, healthy family with their biological father. But it didn’t happen for my baby girl, therefore, by not having a lot of support or guidance, raising my daughter by myself as a single mom made my life more challenging. So I sought out a way to balance my life and try to overcome these major challenges to insure a happier, fulfilling life.

As a single mother it didn’t feel good to have to get help by being on public assistance especially because I always did everything myself. It was hard asking for help, and since I didn’t have a lot of family members around, there wasn’t much help anyway.

I had to temporary quit pursuing my dreams as a artist after graduation because I needed income like yesterday and instead I found a mediocre job that was a low paid salary to continue to support my daughter. No matter what, I had to do some serious budgeting decisions because I didn’t have enough money for everything I wanted at the time.

Although later on in my life, despite the mishaps, I was able to fulfill and accomplish a lot of my goals for myself and my daughter. I finished my bachelors degree as a full time mother and full time college student plus went back to college a few more years to pursue more of my educational goals. I worked full time, plus worked my side business as a beauty consultant, plus supported my daughter while I paid off a car note.

I bought all of my furniture in cash for my home and many more things; all at the same time. Eventually I learned to manage my time and balance everything to accomplish my goals and pursue my dreams.

But, I had realized with all of that my purpose still hadn’t been fulfilled and I wanted to help single parents like myself especially moms who truly want a life of more freedom, being the boss and making their own decisions and being able to balance their lives to make it better and more manageable.

By incorporating the mind, body and spiritual methods I experienced and used; I was able to overcome these obstacles and allow myself to embark on a brilliant, balanced and a more happier life.

I would like to ask you a question. Are you living your full potential in your life? Are you overwhelmed or does it seem that you don’t have enough time in the day to pursue your dreams.

 Are you a single mom or a parent that need help with a more balanced and happier life? Are you tired of being sick and tired doing it all alone? 


Almost fifteen years later, I still manage to raise a beautiful daughter on my own with no regrets. She still is my inspiration and motivation until this day! It is awesome to have her on my journey with me.

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