How to Regain your Balance for Mama Entrepreneurs

How to regain Your Balance for Mama Entrepreneurs

By Charity Aumora


Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, like you are all over the place? Do you feel like you need to get away from all of the stress in your life? Can’t get enough time in one day? Do you feel that you need balance? Well I will be the one to tell you balance is possible!


All of us sometimes feel what I described above maybe because of our kids, spouse, school work or even our job is giving us stress. You probably don’t know what to do anymore…right? You have to make hard decisions; “do I need to spend more time with my family or do I continue to work 60+ hours a week to support them? Do I skip or push back my vacation from work or do I go on vacation to relax and pamper myself because I am worthy of it?


Today is the day to reclaim and align yourself with the balance you need in your life now!  You want to allow more joy, peace, happiness, clarity, ease and focus and more successful outcomes especially relationships with everyone in your life? How can I achieve this you ask?


Incorporating the necessary help, tools, guidance, support and strategies in your life will definitely help. Using mediation, proper nutrition, exercising even prioritizing and delegating would be extremely helpful.  Putting this in place will enable you to feel more confidence that your life is back on track and feeing more happy and worry free.


Meditating at least 10 minutes a day is proven to be good for your mental and physical well being. There is a reason why it’s been around for thousands of years.  Also, it helps with sleep, disease, pain management, to control emotions , lower stress, let us get to know our true self, can make you get better performance at work, more focused even when you’re not actively meditating, save money, go less to the doctor, lowers depression in women’s pregnancy, strategy for weight lost plus you will sleep better. All these benefits are worth it.


Eating a proper diet can be as simple as starting to be more aware of your eating habits. Do you eat periodically with at least 6 meals (including two snacks)? Do you add vegetables to your dishes, are you eating a variety of colors in your diet. Do you get enough water for what your individual body needs? Going over this simple check list can and will enhance your overall nutrition intake. Your body will thank you by functioning properly. You will become more happy, energized and clear for the day ahead of you.


We all know that exercise is one of the best ways to help combat stress; less stress means no dis-ease-es!

By adding exercise 3 times a week with only 30 minutes this will improve your overall self confidence, more energy and even better looking in appearance.


For us mothers, especially single mothers with careers we need a system that works easily and effortlessly right? So my first suggestion is to find affordable ways to delegate tasks, to such as family members, teenagers if you have them, once a week hiring a maid/cook. Join a mama’s group for support and have a girl’s night out at least once a month to let loose and have fun.


Prioritizing our lives with family should be a priority even though it may seem that you don’t have time. Let me tell you, everybody has time, finding it and putting together tasks to execute it can be done. If you haven’t downloaded the Time Management PDF Tool Guide you should get it now. That is going to help you to create more Freedom and thus Money. Be a happier mom today and don’t neglect the necessity of life which is Balance.

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3 thoughts on “How to Regain your Balance for Mama Entrepreneurs

  1. Hi Charity,
    I teach a class on meditation. It’s wonderful and it changed my life. We all do it naturally believe it or not, and that’s how I teach it .. enjoyed visiting and reading your post …

  2. Yes Colleen, it’s so simple but so impactful when we know what our priorities are. It saves so much time and we gain much satisfaction when we are focused.

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