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A.R.T.V. “5 Steps to Painting your Future Existence” Identity Part 2 & Step 2: “What’s you Knack”

A.R.T. Affluence, Richness, Vivacity with Truth “5 Steps to Painting your Future Existence”

Identity Part 2:

By assessing who we are as “beings”, as to what our purpose is and what our innate abilities are and cause, we can be confident in “knowing” and having a clear path to get where we want to be.

We don’t look at who we thought we were, or who told us who we need to be, what job we have or even how well we are as parents. We can let go of those old suitcases, purses, bags, no matter how good or bad we perceived them and allow ourselves to be set free of those beliefs.

In Step 2: What’s your Knack:

What’s a Knack? Is it something that we learned or just picked up when we were children or even as adults. Or is it something if we studied so hard for or even went to school for we would be good at and that’s our purpose…..? Let me answer that question for you. No, again, we come into this beautiful existence with memories in our soul, in our minds, in our bodies.

Every since birth we have displayed these gifts, skill, abilities, call it what you please. We are in constant action with the gifts we hold inside us every day all day. It’s something that is so easily and naturally performed by ourselves. The same as inhaling and exhaling. Ask your closest friends or family members what you have always been good at.

Your knack might be the gift of listening, the gift of joyfulness, the gift of organization, or even solving problems, knowing or even intuition. Sit for a moment and contemplate your life’s history when you were a child and loved to play in the mud; what did you create in that mud? You see what I’m getting at?

I want you to write the first 3 things that you have a knack for. Hurry! don’t think about it, “just do it”

Much Love and Support

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A.R.T.V. Affluence, Richness, Vivacity with Truth “5 Steps to Painting your Future Existence

A.R.T. Affluence, Richness, Vivacity with Truth “5 Steps to Painting your Future Existence”

Are you ready for a ride this year, a joyful ride? The kind of ride that allows you to have peace, balance from chaos, full of life that you allow Love to drive for your future success?

Life can be a bummer and get you down in the most major way! One day you could be happier then you could ever be and then the next day it could be a downer for you because of some outer circumstance. You work too much and hardly have time for your friends and family, let alone for yourself. You ask yourself, “how did my life get like this, I’m a good person! Lord knows I need help”

Well let me share with you some proven successful 5 steps to Painting your Future Existence:

Step 1. Identity: Identity is where your first existence starts before you ever come here on this planet earth, before you were formed in your mothers womb. A place of perfect peace, love and perfect stance. A place while you are here on Earth, you live in Heavenly statues. Before you were materialized in your perfect being.

Giving your identity and who you are can be a complicated thing when you don’t know your ideal purpose or why you forgot the reason you are here. Can I get back to remembering who I am and how I am suppose to go about living this life that was already crafted before I even got here?
We are fortunate to have a grand privilege here to come and explore, have fun and learn our existence.

They said here on Earth is the hardest planet ever to live on but I think we can make it the happiest times ever when we know, how to step in this world. follow the path on that narrow road as the bible says and transform our lives and others.

Stay tuned with more on Identity and the next steps.

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True Purpose Identity Revealed

Who are you when you see yourself in the mirror? Is it who you think it is? Who do you want to become or are you impersonating to be someone everyone else wants you to be?

I believe we all identified with ourselves very well when we were children in a stage of innocence and openness to the environment and an automatic self awareness that came naturally. It is not until we grow up and are told who we are and who we are going to be; is where we get mislead and start being confused and leading a confused life.

When I was a little girl, I knew I always wanted to be some kind of artist and an actress as well. I knew I was expressive in a lot of ways. So therefore, I settled on that path to becoming that artist and some how perhaps one day being an actress. Sometimes I still aspire to be an actress but I know that I made a choice to be an actress in the way I am allowed to express my art whether in Animation; which is what I have one of my degrees in or in my drawings.

Our true purpose comes in when we are aware of who we were when we were children; that state of innocence and openness. Once you find that again it will be combined with your spiritual journey which we all agreed to express as well. This is the beginning to finding you true purpose and how to identify with ourselves and why we came here in the first place.

Once I continued to follow the path of my natural gifts I was aligned with my spiritual gifts as well. In that oneness, I become the ultimate manifestation of who we already are. Accept that you are love, you are peace, your are creative, you are one with God!

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Grace Sustains Us

Grace….I have studied about this word, wrote about it and even had many conversations about it. The truth remains; that Grace, that Loving favor that we all have been inherited to, truly really belongs to us.

Just think back to numerous occasions when we thought the world was just collapsing all around and on us and we thought we couldn’t survive…some of us didn’t want to survive and move on to this Loving Grace because of some suffering or mishap we might have gone through. In the end of it all; by some miracle we got through it and accepted it because we survived! Nothing that we have done, good or bad will take it away.

Grace is a beautiful word that we all can like and embrace easily but when it’s available to us to use, we have a hard time believing that it is real and it is there for us to actual receive. We doubt in our minds and say, ” Is this real, does it really works; like if it is some new technology undiscovered or something. It is there for us to grasp and not let it go. There is nothing we can do or say that would take us further from it no matter how things may look or feel to us.

Grace requires trust and faith for our receiving, for it is an unmerited reward, nothing you have to do just receive love and kindness as a gift wrapped up for us to open everyday! Wow! What a Love! Grace!


Eat, Love, Shine and Grow

Do you often feel down and low with no direction and meaning in your life? Please know that there really is a beautiful white light at the end of the road with something better for you!

With these four simple beautiful elements of Life: Eat, Love, Shine and Grow we can not only change ourselves for the better but also for the betterment of the World!

Eat: Not only do we need constant good natural, pure foods for the body daily, with the exception of fasting quarterly; we also need nourishment of the soul.
Consume the constant life foods that God has provided for us and watch your energy just sore in the way that you want and in the way that you need! Incorporating more of light liquid foods in your diet, such as juicing and taking your time to chew leafy green vegetables, you are allowing the body for good digestion processes. Try it if only for one day and I promise your body will love you!

Love: If you  need more power and results in your life, this powerful universal element will always give you what you need at any moment especially when you are conscious and tapped in to receiving it! Meditating on this LOVE force once a day can be so uplifting and powerful. I guarantee you will attract all the love and material manifestations that you seek. So embrace Love and use it to your advantage.

Shine: Shine in a world that has so much darkness in it is so crucial especially in this time and space. We need light workers like yourself to find your brilliance, talents and spiritual gifts to give to this dying world. We all have talents that God has given us. How do you shine? By speaking, by your art, by your sense of humor, by your intellect, by your strength, by your love, by your writing? Find your shine today and be of service, you will be rewarded!

Grow: You need to be rooted and grounded in order to cultivate growth within yourself. What is your spiritual practice? This is essential to learning and developing your sense of who you are and how you present yourself to the world. No matter where you might be, growing is a life time production work that we all need to embrace and accept. One thing to get started with your spiritual practice is to meditate on positive affirmative words. God used words to create this beautiful universe that we live in; you can do the same. Start creating your beautiful, brilliant self today and continue on this journey everyday.

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Bringing Out your Brilliance in 2015 #3

Continuing from the #2 blog regarding powerful tips on how to create a life of brilliance in the new year.

After setting your intentions, affirming and getting into action here are three more ways to look at your path in a different way:

4. One of the next ways to bring out your brilliance, your light, your genius is to write down a specific plan from your actions and intentions. Planning easy and simple everyday plans will give you confidence and motivate you into achieving the goals that you have set. Write out 10 items to look at that will get you from plan A to plan B, which is the end results.

5.Plant these items with prayer and belief that what you set out to do you can accomplish. Pray every day to keep your mind focus and once you are confident in your prayers, you can go forward everyday looking at your vision that you have created; for the last thing:

6. Don’t Give Up! No matter what the storm is whether rain or tornado, you can keep on pushing through the storm in order to see your light, your true victory.

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Bringing out your Brilliance in 2015 #2

Hi Brilliant, Beautiful you,

How have you been on your journal to make the best you in 2015?

My last post discussed some ways you can start bringing out the brilliance in yourself for the year 2014 and I want to continue to give you advanced tips on how to do just that.

We want to continue to delve deep in our sense of self and focus on what are the missing pieces to the puzzle to get your life on the fast track to success.

1. We want to set out intentions and send our intentions out into the universe and acknowledge to God that we are ready to get started on a marvelous journey to success.

2. Affirming to yourself on what specifically you want, to do and become such as, ” I AM becoming more and more into the talented songstress,(or fill in the blank) every day and I surrender to what ever change it requires to become just that.”

3.Get into actions with your intention and affirmations with at least one thing that’s going to take you to your ultimate goal.

To be continued…

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How to live your Brilliance in 2015

How to live your Brilliance in 2015

Hi Brilliant, Beautiful you,

First of all, I appreciate you visiting my site today, if you want to leave a comment about your experience visiting my site, please do.

I always say, you have to know yourself first in order to know how to bring out your brilliance. Know that you are already the great Divine being that God created you to be just because you are a direct image of who God is in all it’s essence.

For those who may not be quite there yet, I ask you to be still for a moment and ask the question, “what is the one and most greatest aspect of myself that I truly know deep within that I am to bring out and let shine regarding my true purpose.”

Once that is revealed to you, you are on your way to a marvelous outcome of allowing your Brilliance to shine in the world. Be encouraged and guided to the next steps of living your brilliance in 2014.
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