Clearing away What no Longer Serves You

What is holding you back? Have you ever wondered what is truly holding you back?
Could it be your baggage…. and no I am not talking about your luggage bags! But the baggage you allow in your life whether it is emotionally, negativity that drowns out your spirituality, being physically stagnant and/or is it someone in your life that is holding you back?

Can you honestly say that what you are holding onto can honestly serve you for your highest good?

As you are thinking about those questions, lets actually start to call out those names to those things to bring it to the surface. What lingers in the dark cannot be found and healed; therefore when you bring it to the light then everything gets clear and solutions starts to emerge.

So for yourself it might be a small thing such as quitting your job because of negative co-workers to pursue your entrepreneur dreams, getting out of old relationships or even changing your diet. is it cleaning and organizing your closet or work space in your office or home?

Lets say it is relationships. Who ever you allow yourself to be around heavily influences a lot of your outcome and results of who you actually want to become. Knowing this allows you to look at who those influencers are and let go of the ones or keep far from those who are not going in the direction you want to go in life.

it could be the certain diet that you are consuming. Most people don’t know, it’s what you put in your body that determines your health, emotionally and of course physically. it determines whether you will have a clear mind and able to focus on what truly matters. It determines if you will make the right decisions and have self esteem, be more happy and confident!

For myself I am a vegan if you didn’t know. I know what you are thinking; ” I got to have my meat” and that’s great, to each their own. But for me, meat no longer served me, if it ever did. Meat stays in your body for almost three days and can slow down the digestion system. I am a blood type A and for those types we are not able to digest meat properly because a blood type A does not have sufficient acid to do so. This is something that obviously didn’t serve me. What is it for you concerning your diet?

What ever it is, clearing things out of your life that no longer serves you is essential to living a joyous, abundant, fluid life. It will unlock the pathway to success and allow you to feel better and think clearer and be happy. Ultimately, you will be more able to attract what you want as well.

2 thoughts on “Clearing away What no Longer Serves You

  1. “Cleaning House” that’s what I like to call it 🙂 I’ve even parted ways with friends who were just too negative and caustic. Sometimes you just have to do this to live a happier life.

  2. Hi Charity
    “Clearing Away What no Longer Serves You” – This is the best way to address it.
    I think is all mindset, you always will find the thing that you are looking for.
    If you are looking to be happy you will fill up your mind with all the things that will make you happy.
    We just need to recognise it and go for it.
    Thank you for sharing!

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