Summer activities with your kids

Don’t have a clue what you will be doing with your kids this summer?
Running out of ideas? The kids aren’t cooperating because they are bored and the activities seem redundant to them?
Well I have some easy low cost interactive activities that your kids will love & enjoy this summer.

1. List all activities

First list all the activities that your kids like or said they would like to do this summer whether you can afford it or not.
Next, take those thoughts from your kids and put it on your list and be open to the ones that seem reasonable and affordable.
Then, try at least one thing new that you didn’t do last year.
Next, be creative and think outside of the box. If your kids said lets go to Disney Land then that’s up to your discretion. But also keep in mind that you want your kids to at least have one memorable story to tell their friends when they go back to school. Surely that would really help boost confidence in them.
But if you can’t go or can’t afford it this year at the moment then, don’t worry find out what they love most from Disney land and create that fantasy for them and incorporate it in their daily activities. do this to all the activities you may not be able to do or go to this year. Trust me they will appreciate it.
Lastly plan activities from Sunday through Saturday according to your schedule; such as:

2. Daily Schedule:

Monday: Game Day-learn a new game every week (cards, chess, puzzles, etc.)

Tuesday: Adventure favorite book reading- Let your kid/kids read to everyone their favorite chapter in their favorite book and then have them try to act it out and/or pick actors out for that particular scene in that one chapter.

Wednesday: Bike ride outing-Go for a bike hike up your local path and ride up there and once you hit the top have a picnic ready for lunch or an early dinner.

Thursday: Creative Craft Day-Make something out of Play-dough. Everyone likes Play dough even adults. Challenge them to make a playhouse, a type of food, anything fun. Then give a prize to the most creative.

Friday: Mall Hang out (especially for teenagers) Going to different scenery’s helps kids to enjoy themselves most especially learn something new. For the little one;s go to the section where they can play called the kid’s area and if you have pre-teens and teenagers they can go check out their favorite stores and then after everyone gets ice-cream. Can’t go wrong with ice-cream.

Saturday: Karaoke: In the house, don’t worry, in the comfort of your home you can play Karaoke. You don’t have to have a karaoke machine you can pretend and everyone can take turns singing their favorite songs with YouTube if they don’t know the lyrics.

Sunday: Mommy and Me Chef Day: Cook something easy and something everyone likes (bake cookies and ice-cream for desert or something healthy for the kids to learn).

There you go! Don’t make it as hard as it seems. Family is a gift especially being able to make the most out of spending time together. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, if you want that then make it happen if not then keep it simple.
Download the list for free Kids_activity_cheat_sheet.

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  1. Hi Charity
    Some of these suggestions parents can do! All by themselves .. that’s where I’m at … lol. My son is 20 and beginning to live his own life without his parents … Oh No!!! Come join us on PAC 🙂

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