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How to manage your time as a busy mom

In this fast paced world that will live in now, we almost want everything given to us fast, like our fast foods. We’re driving fast everywhere because we figure we have to hurry up and get there. We want this instant lavish lifestyle with luxury cars, homes, perfect kids and a spouse.

We want everything quick fast and a hurry & perfect but are we taking the necessary steps and most of all are we managing our time in order to have what we want efficiently. You might be wondering, “what does managing my time have to do with getting the things that I want right away.”

Well, it has everything to do with it especially if you are already a mom and a busy mom at that. If you feel like you don’t have enough time in the day to finish or do anything, then you have to understand, you need to manage your time more wisely to get where you want to be in life.

As a single mompreneur, I know how it is to have to do most of my responsibilities all by myself. It can be frustrated and hard at times but with the time management tools that I use, I can manage my day and be successful with getting everything I set out to do that day. if you have one successful day, you can have many that can and will lead to successful months years and those in your business and life especially as a busy mom.

Some things that are important for you to consider when starting out to use effective time management strategies is to know, what are your top priorities and top income producing activity priorities that need to be done that day? This is a step by step process because if you want to buy a car most of us are not going to be able to do it in one day. So you need a plan as well to get there.

Five steps you need to take are:

1. Write your plans and set your goals
2. Identify your top priorities to break up the goals each day
3. Manage your time by setting the dates you want to meet.
4. Segment your time for each set task you want to finish.
5. Move on to the next goal, wash, rinse and repeat.

If you need support and a challenge to rock your time management skills, join me on my FREE 5 Day training Time manage for busy moms. It starts Oct. 17th

And if you know other moms that struggle with time management invite them to do it with you, so they could be your accountability partner!

See you there!

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