Why you should be a Vegan this Fall

Why you should become Vegan this fall

Becoming a vegan this fall might sound a little extreme or the idea period might seem impossible. But since this is one of the latest talks amongst your friends, family members and even in the media, it has become popular not because it’s just something else to do but because becoming a vegan this fall have a lot of benefits and can allow you to lose weight and gain better health.

Personally, I have been a vegan for about 5 years and before that a vegetarian for about 5 years as well. Although it worked for me to the extent I took it further to change my life style around my healthy eating. This may or may not be for everyone but if an individual wants to regenerate reignite, reset their bodies form an unhealthy life style to a more healthier lifestyle then being a vegan for the Fall could be a great idea.

There are many myths about being a vegan that doesn’t help shine a light on what it really is and how it can help your overall health; applying more vegetables and natural grains and more natural sugars in your life such as fruits is beneficial. Every edible food you consume should be organic (no pesticides or GMO’s).

Going cold turkey might not work for everyone but if you slowly but surely add more vegetables to your healthy eating lifestyle and less meat, fish or poultry, you will eventually get there.

A vegan diet is also packed with nutrition. It incorporates a massive amount of protein, iron, calcium, fiber, vitamin C etc. Therefore the myth about a vegan diet has no protein is only a myth. There are a lot of sources where you can get your protein without it being from animals; such as meat-less vegan cheese, meat-less crumble, tofurky, meat-less chicken, steak and veggie burgers also from your vegetables and grains.

By incorporating more life foods such as vegetables, to your healthy lifestyle, you can start helping your digestive system to perform better and to lose that stubborn weight that just won’t leave or it can result to a flatter stomach.

Lastly, being a vegan this fall can help your overall health, you will sleep better, think clearer, make better decisions, heal your body, lose weight, and be happier, calm, a more confident human being and so much more.

I challenge you to eat healthier and become a vegan this fall. I would love to read about the results. Good luck!


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